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At Pathways2Uni, we provide expert counselling and advice on accessing study and university with a low ATAR. Study at a range of Australia's highest ranked universities

P2U Student Advisor

Nicole works closely with Australian universities and colleges to provide Y12 students with a range of information on programs and options available to them. As the lead counsellor for GSP pathways2uni for over four years Nicole offers significant insight and guidance to students and parents drawing on her deep operational knowledge and extensive experience of the Australian education system requirements.


P2U Student Advisor

Jessie graduated from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), with a double degree of a Bachelor Product Design with a Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation. Jessie brings her cutting edge approach and innovative creative methods to the GSP Team. Jess addresses students’ questions and concerns around career choices for the future and provides up to date advice on study options and opportunities available to them.

Nicole Zabbal

Jessie Horton

Student Services Administrator

Lalaine is completing her Business degree the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) with first-hand experience on pathways2uni programs into this reputable university. Lalaine started with the GSPpathways2uni team through an internship two years ago and is now working with Global Study Partners on a part-time basis while completing her studies.

P2U Student Advisor

Ally is a currently completing her Bachelor of Design at Torrens University and joined Global Study Partners a year ago starting as an intern and is now working part-time supporting with design work on our international and pathways2uni programs.


Lalaine Dizon

Ally Kingsmill

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