How to celebrate now that Year 12 Final Exams are over!


You did it!!

We knew it all along, we never doubted you for one second, so a big CONGRATULATIONS from the whole team at Pathways2Uni for finishing your Year 12 Final Exams, HSCs, whatever it is called wherever you are. All that matters is that it’s over and you can all breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate…until the results are released.

So, I bet some of you are wondering “Well, how DO I celebrate now that Year 12 final exams are over?” Don’t we have a treat for you 😉

In honour of this wonderful occasion we have compiled a fabulous collection of celebration GIFs to give you some sort of idea of how you could, should, or maybe shouldn’t be celebrating your freedom.

And now here goes!

*Kissing strangers is undertaken at your own risk*

And you deserve it….

…but in case there’s no one around, there’s always this.

Doing a happy dance is also in order

Yep…real happy dance

And to finish off…

“Oh what a feeling…”

Once again, congrats!! Only a few weeks till the results are out and it’s time to adult. And remember, if you’re stuck then just give us a call 😉

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