5 Useful HSC Resources

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Useful Resources

The HSCs have started! You’ve crammed like crazy (or you haven’t…) and yet you still feel like there’s more that you could do! Or, perhaps  you may have left it to the last minute (we know your life is pretty busy) and now you’re freaking out about all the study you still have to do and silently wishing you hadn’t spent that much time playing XBox or watching Netflix.

No matter your situation – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! There are tons and tons of useful resources online that will help you get through your finals in one piece, and guess what? Our awesome team at Pathways2Uni have searched the wonderful wide web and picked the best and most useful HSC resources for you and put them together in one handy list. Now all that’s left to do is pick one, and get cramming!

1. NSW HSC Online

You probably already know about this one already, but hey, it’s got a ton of useful stuff for you to use for pretty much every single subject from Aboriginal Studies to Visual Arts. Too easy! On top of that, it provides you with information on the exams, what you should do after the HSCs are over (apart from celebrate that is), and even has a section for your parents so they can stop asking you all these questions and you can get back to focusing on revision.

2. HSC In The Holidays

HSC in the holidays is brought to you by the lovely people from Macquarie University, UTS, the University of Wollongong and the University of Newcastle. They provide workshopstrial exams and lots of other goodies – basically everything you need to prepare you for your final exams. Check out their free resources page for, you guessed it, a whole bunch of free resources!

3. Bored Of Studies 

Bored of studies is great because it was created by HSC students, for students! This site will provide both Year 11 and Year 12 students with mountains of resources and support to get them through exams and school in one piece! Join their forums to ask any tricky questions you just can’t get your head around, check out their endless resources, and create a profile so you can stay up-to-date with new releases, news and other important bits and pieces. On top of that, if you have awesome notes that you want to share, you can do that too and give a little back to others needing help.

4. HSC Docs

HSCDocs.org makes available a whole world of resources for both students and teachers (meaning, if your teachers grab it from here, you get it straight from one of the sources, too!!). These guys have provided a clean, simple and completely free resource site, which is exactly what’s needed in the life of a busy HSC student, right? So whether you need to touch up on your Chemistry so that the exam doesn’t blow up in your face (literally), or you need notes for Legal Studies so you won’t need to negotiate yourself out of a bad grade (Note: do not try as it probably won’t work), this site has docs to cover it all.

5. Google

Everyone’s favourite resource! No, we’re not being smart… Google not only rules the world and we poor minions must do their bidding, no. Google, in fact, is also very useful! Naturally you would use the search engine to find basically anything, but there’s so much more to Google. Google Books, Google News, Google Advanced Search, and then of course there’s YouTube (which is owned by Google) for lectures, more notes and the occasional humorous video to unwind and reactivate those brain cells.

This guy knows it.

Who knew? Well…apart from our minion buddy above, of course.

So, we hope this little list has been somewhat helpful, insightful and hopefully useful. Happy studying, don’t leave it till the last minute now! And once it’s all over you can get back to what’s really important…Netflix and Chill. 😉

Good luck on your finals! You’ll do well, we’re sure of it!


  • Asher Gomez says:

    Hi Pathways, I’m one of the people that built HSCDocs.org

    Thanks so much for writing about us, we really appreciate it. Just to let you know, HSCDocs.org is no more. We’re building a new site which supersedes HSCDocs.org in many ways (mainly technically). It’s called Fliint (fliint.org).

    Be sure to keep an eye out for it. It’ll still attain the same values as the old site: simplicity and accessibility for all.

    Thanks again for the mention.
    Asher from Fliint

  • Asher Gomez says:

    Hey guys, the site is now live! Check it out at https://fliint.org/
    We’ll be uploading more docs in the coming weeks.

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